The Best Golf Instructor You Ever Had!

It is with great sadness, yet greater joy, that we must tell you our good friend went to be with our Lord this past Friday, October 17, 2014 after a long battle with skin cancer.  We imagine he is now hitting all 300-yard drives and dropping every putt.  Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, knows what a grand person of uncompromised values, complete honesty, unwavered Patriotism, and committed devotion to his Faith he was!!


Larry, you will surely be missed.  May you rest in peace from this troubled world!  You fought the good fight and won the Ultimate Green Jacket.  Congratulations, my friend!!!!

--Dave DeKoker, Webmaster






Larry McGrath started to play golf at the age of 13 in Malden, Massachusetts, where he caddied for five years before enlisting in the US Air Force.  Stationed on the island of Guam for 27 months, he played golf as often as he could while in the service.


He always wanted to continue with golf after the military, however, Larry needed a more permanent job to earn his living.  To do that, he worked for 40 years in the construction industry, retired in 1988, and then traveled the USA in a Motor Home.  He was able to establish and maintain a 5-6 handicap for a number of years using the conventional golf swing.


Larry was introduced to the Single Plane golf swing in 1992, and was so impressed with the unnecessary body rotation in the new swing that he purchased a custom tailored set of clubs to embrace this method.  He could also see the Single Plane swing was the paradigm shift to a golf swing of the future, the easiest way to hit a round object consistently with a long stick.


After attending a school in February 1999 on this swing method, he became certified to teach the Single Plane swing system and taught it for the rest of his lifetime.


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